Hello all my old friends from college.

I am Samuel B. Jones. Do you remember me? If you don’t, then I don’t remember you too. J J J Just kidding! Anyways, how are you guys doing? Where are you? What are you up to? I have so many questions to ask you guys. I cannot believe it has been this long without seeing you.

An image of Samuel B. Jones around MOUNT AIRY

An image of Samuel B. Jones around MOUNT AIRY

What happened to the pact we made when we were just about to graduate from college? That we will always meet up at least to times a year and just celebrate. Well, I guess life happened to all of us. We became too busy all of a sudden and forgot all about that.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys that I am doing great. Life has been fair to me. After college I decided to be a consultant, and that is what I do to date. So if any of you has a company, I can help you solve problems and attain goals. You must be wondering how I ended up as a consultant yet I used to say in college that there is no other course I can think of pursuing but law. I cannot even explain what happened. My interests just changed, and I found myself working as a consultant.

There are of course things that have not changed about me. For instance, my height is still 6’0”, and I still love swimming. But to be honest, many things have changed. I am married now to a lovely wife. Her name is Annette. We have four kids, a boy and three girls. We live in Mount Airy, MD. I know you must be wondering what happened with Trina, my girlfriend from college. Well, things did not work out for us the way we had planned. But I heard that she is married too with two kids.

I just turned 60 years old. I cannot believe that I am this old. It is just like yesterday when we were in our late twenties in law school. Years are really flying by fast. I wish you guys were there to celebrate this birthday with me. It could have been more fun. I am glad Michael and Stella remembered it and sent me birthday wishes on Facebook. In fact, that is what prompted me to want to reconnect with each one of you so badly.

I have been on a bit of struggle with my weight recently. I still go to the gym, but not like I used to when we were still in law school. I now weigh 236 pounds. You cannot even start to imagine what I weighed before I lost weight and attained this. With support from my wife, I hope to attain the lean figure I used to have back in the day.

As a gift for my 60th birthday, my wife bought me a 2004 Bentley Arnage. That is what I am driving now guys. But now I have to figure out something better to buy for her birthday, which is coming soon. If you guys will read this, make sure that you give me suggestions on a cool present to buy her.

I love you guys, and I wish to see all of you soon. Make sure that you get back to me. I am really eager to know about your lives.  Just fill out the form below as I will be happy to respond.


Samuel B. Jones


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