Using A Private Investigator to Prove Adultery in Oklahoma City

Sometimes you meet people that can really come back from incredible odds to do great things in business.  I recently talked to a businesswoman in Oklahoma City at a networking meeting, and really found her story incredible; she had really recovered from a disastrous marriage in which her husband not only was not supporting her dreams, he was cheating on her and while Midsi used a private investigator, my friend runs CTC Investigations in Oklahoma City which might be able to help if you need an investigator for your business.  Midsi was shocked by the divorce courts blatant disregard of her estranged husband’s marital misconduct despite living in a state which permits fault divorce proceedings. Although she had not filed for a fault divorce, this aspect of the divorce proceedings not only caused her to suffer from numerous conflicting emotions brought on by feelings of betrayal and the lack of this particular aspect of the divorce being ignored, but it also meant that Midsi was not entitled to as much as she thought in terms of alimony.Oklahoma City

Angered and frustrated by the courts dispassionate analysis of the entire situation, Midsi opted to file for a fault divorce to gain notable compensation for her husband’s betrayal. Unfortunately, that fact that Midsi lacked sufficient evidence that would prove infidelity on her husband’s part only aggravated the proceedings as most of her proof was circumstantial. As a result, she opted to acquire the services of a professional private investigator that would help her prove her estranged husband’s adultery during their marriage. It was only after she learned these services did Midsi understand the complexity of a fault divorce case, the importance of having a corroborating witness during the court proceedings, and providing the court with evidence of infidelity that is both satisfactory and conclusive.

In many states, the process of proving adultery is not only about providing evidence that a relationship exists between one’s spouse and another individual. Rather, the process requires that the party seeking an annulment based on infidelity prove that their spouse is engaged in a sexual relationship with another person. As such, divorce courts only consider evidence of vaginal, oral or anal intercourse. The fact that Midsi did not have any hard proof of any of these three elements of her husband’s adultery, the courts were unable to consider her fault divorce filing. Because infidelity is not being considered in her case, Midsi lacked the leverage she needed to result in proceedings that would have a positive impact on alimony settlements.

In theory, once a private investigator can prove infidelity, a judge can use this evidence to determine how property is going to be divided between the parties involved, particularly if the proof indicates a long-term extra-marital affair. Following a thorough investigation, Midsi’s private investigator uncovered numerous cell phone records which showed multiple night-time calls made to a particular number which suggested intimacy between her husband and the owner of the mobile phone number. Also uncovered were her husband’s travel records which coincided with those of his mistress which demonstrated that the two had traveled to the same destination on more than three different occasions, and intimate photographs of the couple engaged in various displays of intimate affection.

All this proof of infidelity resulted in speedy divorce proceedings that ensured that Midsi was adequately compensated for her husband’s shocking betrayal that lasted throughout a total of 6 years out of the 12 that they had been married. Her story illustrates the importance of hiring a private investigator to uncover evidence that will conclusively prove infidelity in a marriage, lead to speedy divorce proceedings, and result in some compensation for the betrayal during alimony settlements.

I really liked Midsi, and she has a wonderful business as a personal fitness trainer and am confident that she could help get you motivated to get into the best shape of your life.